What type of bag do I need?
Depending on the intended use for the product we can recommend a wide variety of bag materials. Some of the factors involved are material selection, short/long shelf life, bag size, form and fill options, and thickness (gauge). Then we move on to printing, types of ink, and logo design. We always look to provide our customer with an eye catching finished product.
Can I use my own logo?
We encourage our clients to use their own logos or identity system. Our printing process uses more than the traditional four color inks - we use up to a six color process for the best results. Branding with your own logo is the best way to increase brand recognition.

We can design a logo for you if you don't already have one. Contact us for more information.
What are the benefits of the QuickPak5 system.
The Quickpak5 System is the closest you can get to being fully automated and not spending a ton of money. Our equipment is designed for simplicity and speed. Combined with our cost effective packaging bags, you can't beat it.
Read more about it and see our video of it in action.
What kind of guarantee do you provide?
We offer standard 2 years both parts and labor on our automated systems. We have equipment that has been in the field for years with all the original parts still working.
What size bags can u make?
We offer a wide range of sizes, from bags that are 4x5" to merchandise die cut handle bags that are 30x48".
I have a retail store - what kind of bag do I need?
Depending on technical needs such as food preparation and temperature control, both our polypropylene and polyethelyne bags can be utilized. Our merchandise die cut handle bags are very popular.