Enhance your food offerings with our operator friendly bagging system. Our packaging systems and supplies are designed for on-site packaging for simplicity, speed, and cost effectiveness.

Speeds up to 30 packages per minute can be reached. Cost effective packaging enhances your food offerings. From our cold bags to ovenable multi-vent hot bags, child nutrition departments can now offer attractively packaged foods. You can "brand" your food offerings with high definition printing on bags and film.

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Crystal clear Packaging products
designed to show your quality food offerings.

This labor-efficient low-cost bag packaging system has been used for the past 15 years by schools, commercial cafeterias, caterers, and vending establishments to prepackage hot or cold food service items such as cookies, subs/hoagies, pizza, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, potato wedges, chicken nuggets, etc.

This unique packaging system complements your a-la-carte, offer vs serve, summer feeding, or any food service needs where prepackaged food products are required.

  • Offer nutritous food that looks great
  • Food tastes fresh
  • Appeals to students
  • Faster serving lines
  • Prevent contamination
  • Eating habits improve

See our Quickpak Bag Product Guide for our full line of hot and cold bags.

Crystal clear bags are made from either Low Density Poly (LDPE), blended Poly, or High Temp Polyester Film. Our bags are designed to be filled then tape sealed for sanitation and security assurances.

Now your food service operators may pre-package, cook/brown, & serve hot food products in the multi-vent bag, such as: chicken nuggets, potato wedges, fish portions, grilled cheese sandwiches, pizza, hamburgers, and fried pies.

The multi-vent hot bag will allow you to cook/brown your food service items in regular or convection ovens up to 450 degrees. You can then serve product in the bag on any food service line, while holding products at serving temperature.

Its the perfect way to eliminate the use of deep fat fryers by using our multi-vent hot bags. Your frozen food items can brown and crips in pre-portioned sealed bags, in ovens up to 450 degrees. Bags sizes can accomodate tater tots to large pizza and 4x6 foil trays.

Portion control is under control! Great looking finished product and satisfied clients/students!
A concept and product which will give food service operators the opportunity to package and seal food items requiring heating to elevated temperatures. Products can be packaged frozen and heated in the oven.

Why not show the quality of your food offerings? Our bags are crystal clear. You are able to heat and serve in the same package. Kitchen clean up time is reduced; students appreciate the sanitation and appearance of packaged food.

The Hot Bag can be used for individual packaging of hamburgers, burritos, hot dogs, hot chicken sandwiches, or a wide variety of food products.

The Hot Bag is FDA approved at elevated temperatures to 450 F.

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The Cold Bag is your solution for all your cold food products. With our Cold Bags you can package food service items such as: cookies, sandwiches, hoagies, bagels, or any cold food service item.

The Cold Bag comes in a variety of sizes to fit your needs. See our product use guide to select the proper size bag for your product. We can print company name, logo, or product information. Tell us what you need. We can do it at an affordable price.

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Now you can package cut sandwiches with the easy to use and affordable Sandwich Wedge Bag. The Sandwich Wedge Bag is made for fast-loading and easy sealing. It also can be used with your present sealing equipment. It preserves product visibility and has a tamper-resistant package. Plus you can print your product info. or logo.

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